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What is an Osmosis Outpost

An Osmosis outpost is a platform that makes it much simpler to perform swaps on different Cosmos chains, without having to manually send the tokens to Osmosis to trade them, or worse, to build their own DEx.

The outpost performs the swaps through the Osmosis DEX and can send the swapped token to the outpost chain. Such a platform uses IBC protocol and smart contracts to allow users on the outpost chain to perform the swaps.

It is important for the UI of such a platform to be simple, intuitive, and highly customizable for each outpost chain and, for this reason, nabla provides a set of components and templates to allow any enabled chain to realize its own frontend outpost.

If you want to create your own outpost platform, please follow the instruction available at the Introduction page.

📡 Stay tuned

If you have integrated the platform, please let us know so we can share the news with our community! Moreover, to stay updated with any changes or new features, please follow us. You can find how to reach us here.

📖 User guide

We realized a set of tutorial to follow your users step by step on how to perform a swap and how to troubleshoot some common issues. You can find it here.

📞 Support

Once you have integrated the widget, or created your new platform application, we recommend you create a support channel in your own community for users to troubleshoot issues that users may encounter while using the widget or the app.

If you, our your users, discover any issues or errors while using the platform, please reach us through the channels available here.