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About the Osmosis Ministry of Marketing

Established by Proposal 251 the Osmosis Ministry of Marketing version 2 (OMMv2) was formed to better help market Osmosis.

The team ensures that the community run social media platforms and groups are maintained and informed in collaboration with the Osmosis Support Lab. The OMMv2 has worked to standardize content and voice while reaching out to other communities for collaboration and partnership.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to [email protected]. There are many opportunities to better market a project and its assets, and feel free to suggest new marketing ideas that aren't listed.

Marketing Opportunities

This is a non-exhaustive list. Please reach out to any one of the contacts listed below to if you have a new idea!

The Osmosis Ministry of Marketing can produce graphics to promote some newly listed assets, specific pools, external incentives on specific pools, and even significant governance proposals. We work together with the requesting party to ensure these will be shared on as many platforms as possible to maximize visibility (Twitter, Discord, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, Medium, etc.).

The OMM retains talented artists so we can achieve visual consistency with the Osmosis "brand." We let our artists run with their ideas on how best to produce an attractive graphic. If a project would like to collaborate on the artistic design aspects, we can make arrangements on a case-by-case basis.

Please reach out to our Art Director, Kych:

Examples: MarbleDao_listing_2k_v0003 Darc_listing_2k_v0005 GRAV_Listing_2k_v0004

Blog Post on Osmosis Community Updates

In collaboration with Osmosis Support Lab, the OMM maintains a community updates Medium blog. We encourage any builders of dapps, new tools, creators of liquidity pools, data scientists, and more, to write up a brief article to discuss their project, listing, etc. Our chief editor will review and coordinate a special image to be made, if one is not provided, and we will post to the Community Medium. Anything posted to this Medium blog is then shared through the various social channels by the OMM.

We collaborate with some regular builders and data scientists in the ecosystem for interesting and neat information. Their contributions have inspired Governance Proposals, changes in pool economics and more! So we really do love learning about the next new project!

Please reach out to our Chief Editor, RoboMcGobo:

Retweets, Quote Retweets

In many cases, the Osmosis Ministry of Marketing Twitter account will retweet an integrating project's promotional or informational tweet. We're regular social media users too and love to share information. If you have something you'd like come across our eyes. Feel free to DM us!