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Osmosis modules

Osmosis implements the following custom modules:

  • epochs - Makes on-chain timers which other modules can execute code during.
  • gamm - Generalized AMM infrastructure, which includes balancer and stableswap
  • incentives - Controls specification and distribution of rewards to lockups
  • lockup - Enables time-lock escrowing of tokens. (Often called Locking or Bonding)
  • mint - Controls token supply emissions, and what modules they are directed to.
  • pool-incentives - Controls how incentives allocated towards "Liquidity Providing" are directed
    • These go towards gauges defined by the incentives module
  • protorev - Cyclic arbitrage module that redistributes backrunning profits to the protocol
  • superfluid - Defines superfluid staking, allowing DeFi assets to have their osmo-backing be staked.
  • tokenfactory - Allows minting of new tokens of the form factory/{creator address}/{subdenom} for user-defined subdenoms.
  • twap - The TWAP package is responsible for being able to serve TWAPs for every AMM pool.
  • txfees - Contains logic for whitelisting txfee tokens, making them easily priceable in osmo, and auto-swapping to osmo.
    • Also contains logic for custom Osmosis mempool logic, though this should perhaps relocate.

See the module dependence graph below for further information:


This is done in addition to updates to several modules within the SDK.

  • gov - {Voting period changes}
  • vesting - {vesting changes}
  • Various binding & performance improvements to other modules