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Public endpoints

These following API's are recommended for development purposes. For maximun control and reliability it's recommended to run your own node. This can be easility accomplsihed by using the installer.

Official public endpoints

Chain IDosmosis-1osmo-test-4
RPC API ReferenceAPI ReferenceAPI Reference
LCD API ReferenceAPI ReferenceAPI Reference
LCD endpointhttps://lcd.osmosis.zone
LCD SwaggerSwaggerSwagger
RPC SwaggerSwaggerSwagger
FaucetI wish 🤑

API Docs

Please visit the API reference to interact with these endpoints.

Chain Registry

This repo contains a chain.json and assetlist.json for a number of cosmos-sdk based chains. A chain.json contains data that makes it easy to start running or interacting with a node.


Did you know there is also an NPM package that fetch chain-registry data?
Learn more :

Other providers

  • All That Node :

    • Features
      • Unlimited access to archive data
      • Faucet available
      • Automated updates
      • Technical support
  • DataHub :