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Frontend translations

Instructions to make contributions to Osmosis frontend translations.

  1. Fork the Osmosis frontend repo and clone the fork locally

  2. Create a new branch for the new language

git checkout -b "Add Spanish Language"
  1. Copy the English language files to the new {lang}.js files. For example from inside the Osmosis repo:
cd packages/web/localizations/
cp en.json es.json
cp dayjs-locale-en.js dayjs-locale-es.js
  1. Edit the dropdown menu of the website in order to display the language by editing this file as seen here.
  1. Test and Test Run Osmosis front-end locally and test the changes by running:
yarn install
yarn dev
  1. Commit the changes and submit a PR against the upstream branch.

Note: Use the following PRs as an example: (Spanish, Turkish, French, Korean)