# LocalOsmosis

# What is LocalOsmosis?

LocalOsmosis (a fork of LocalTerra) is a complete Osmosis testnet and ecosystem containerized with Docker and orchestrated with a simple docker-compose file. It simplifies the way smart-contract developers test their contracts in a sandbox before they deploy them on a testnet or mainnet.

LocalOsmosis comes preconfigured with opinionated, sensible defaults for standard testing environments. If other projects mention testing on LocalOsmosis, they are referring to the settings defined in this repo.

LocalOsmosis has the following advantages over a public testnet:

  • Easily modifiable world states
  • Quick to reset for rapid iterations
  • Simple simulations of different scenarios
  • Controllable validator behavior

# Prerequisites

# Install LocalOsmosis

  1. Run the following commands::
git clone https://github.com/osmosis-labs/LocalOsmosis.git
cd LocalOsmosis
  1. Make sure your Docker daemon is running in the background and docker-compose (opens new window) is installed.

If running on linux, you can install these tools with the following commands:

  • docker
sudo apt-get remove docker docker-engine docker.io
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install docker.io -y
  • docker-compose
sudo apt install docker-compose -y

# Start, stop, and reset LocalOsmosis

  • Start LocalOsmosis:
make start

Your environment now contains:

Stop LocalOsmosis (and retain chain data):

make stop

Stop LocalOsmosis (and delete chain data):

make restart

# Integrations

# osmosisd

  1. Ensure the same version of osmosisd is present in your local computer and LocalOsmosis Docker container. You can check the version of localosmosis by checking the image in the docker-compose.yml file and the version of your osmosisd on your local machine with osmosisd version

  2. Use osmosisd from your local machine to talk to your LocalOsmosis osmosisd node:

osmosisd status

This command automatically works because osmosisd connects to localhost:26657 by default.

The following command is the explicit form:

osmosisd status --node=tcp://localhost:26657
  1. Run any of the osmosisd commands against your LocalOsmosis network, as shown in the following example:
osmosisd query account osmo1l0jjmvdtj4c3f8cxzzgfhq0zhdzf2x8cgpg056

# Configure LocalOsmosis

The majority of LocalOsmosis is implemented through a docker-compose.yml file, making it easily customizable. You can use LocalOsmosis as a starting template point for setting up your own local Osmosis testnet with Docker containers.

Out of the box, LocalOsmosis comes preconfigured with opinionated settings such as:

  • ports defined for RPC (26657) and LCD (1317)
  • standard accounts

# Modifying node configuration

You can modify the node configuration of your validator in the config/config.toml and config/app.toml files.

# Pro tip: Speed Up Block Time

To decrease block time, edit the [consensus] parameters in the config/config.toml file, and specify your own values.

The following example configures all timeouts to 200ms:

##### consensus configuration options #####

wal_file = "data/cs.wal/wal"
- timeout_propose = "3s"
- timeout_propose_delta = "500ms"
- timeout_prevote = "1s"
- timeout_prevote_delta = "500ms"
- timeout_precommit_delta = "500ms"
- timeout_commit = "5s"
+ timeout_propose = "200ms"
+ timeout_propose_delta = "200ms"
+ timeout_prevote = "200ms"
+ timeout_prevote_delta = "200ms"
+ timeout_precommit_delta = "200ms"
+ timeout_commit = "200ms"

Additionally, you can use the following single line to configure timeouts:

sed -E -i '/timeout_(propose|prevote|precommit|commit)/s/[0-9]+m?s/200ms/' config/config.toml

# Modifying genesis

You can change the genesis.json file by altering config/genesis.json. To load your changes, restart your LocalOsmosis.

# Accounts

LocalOsmosis is pre-configured with one validator and 10 accounts with ION and OSMO balances.

Account Address Mnemonic
validator osmo1phaxpevm5wecex2jyaqty2a4v02qj7qmlmzk5a
satisfy adjust timber high purchase tuition stool faith fine install that you unaware feed domain license impose boss human eager hat rent enjoy dawn
test1 osmo1cyyzpxplxdzkeea7kwsydadg87357qnahakaks notice oak worry limit wrap speak medal online prefer cluster roof addict wrist behave treat actual wasp year salad speed social layer crew genius
test2 osmo18s5lynnmx37hq4wlrw9gdn68sg2uxp5rgk26vv quality vacuum heart guard buzz spike sight swarm shove special gym robust assume sudden deposit grid alcohol choice devote leader tilt noodle tide penalty
test3 osmo1qwexv7c6sm95lwhzn9027vyu2ccneaqad4w8ka symbol force gallery make bulk round subway violin worry mixture penalty kingdom boring survey tool fringe patrol sausage hard admit remember broken alien absorb
test4 osmo14hcxlnwlqtq75ttaxf674vk6mafspg8xwgnn53 bounce success option birth apple portion aunt rural episode solution hockey pencil lend session cause hedgehog slender journey system canvas decorate razor catch empty
test5 osmo12rr534cer5c0vj53eq4y32lcwguyy7nndt0u2t second render cat sing soup reward cluster island bench diet lumber grocery repeat balcony perfect diesel stumble piano distance caught occur example ozone loyal
test6 osmo1nt33cjd5auzh36syym6azgc8tve0jlvklnq7jq spatial forest elevator battle also spoon fun skirt flight initial nasty transfer glory palm drama gossip remove fan joke shove label dune debate quick
test7 osmo10qfrpash5g2vk3hppvu45x0g860czur8ff5yx0 noble width taxi input there patrol clown public spell aunt wish punch moment will misery eight excess arena pen turtle minimum grain vague inmate
test8 osmo1f4tvsdukfwh6s9swrc24gkuz23tp8pd3e9r5fa cream sport mango believe inhale text fish rely elegant below earth april wall rug ritual blossom cherry detail length blind digital proof identify ride
test9 osmo1myv43sqgnj5sm4zl98ftl45af9cfzk7nhjxjqh index light average senior silent limit usual local involve delay update rack cause inmate wall render magnet common feature laundry exact casual resource hundred
test10 osmo14gs9zqh8m49yy9kscjqu9h72exyf295afg6kgk prefer forget visit mistake mixture feel eyebrow autumn shop pair address airport diesel street pass vague innocent poem method awful require hurry unhappy shoulder

# Common issues

# Docker permissions problems

In case you get permission denied while trying to run make start

make start

Got permission denied while trying to connect to the Docker daemon socket at unix:///var/run/docker.sock: Get http://%2Fvar%2Frun%2Fdocker.sock/v1.40/containers/json: dial unix /var/run/docker.sock: connect: permission denied

Check that the docker engine is running:

sudo systemctl status docker

If not:

# Configure Docker to start on boot
sudo systemctl enable docker.service

# Start docker service
sudo systemctl start docker.service

Ensure that the current user is in the docker group:

  1. Create the docker group and add your user
# Create the docker group
sudo groupadd docker

# Add your user to the docker group.
sudo usermod -aG docker $USER
  1. Log out and log back in so that your group membership is re-evaluated.

More details can be found here (opens new window).