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Interacting with gRPC

Interacting with the gRPC Server

As described on the Network page. A gRPC endpoint is availble on the public Osmosis nodes so that you can start playing and intreacting with it right away.

Enabling gRPC on a node

If you are running your own node. It's also possible to enable them by editing ~/.osmosisd/config/app.toml:

  • grpc.enable = true|false field defines if the gRPC server should be enabled. Defaults to true.
  • grpc.address = {string} field defines the address (really, the port, since the host should be kept at the server should bind to. Defaults to

Grpc endpoints

An overview of all available gRPC endpoints shipped with Osmosis is available in the Osmosis Protobuf documentation. There is also a Cosmos SDK is Protobuf documentation.

You can send requests to the gRPC server using a gRPC client such as grpcurl or from Buf Studio.

Since the code generation library largely depends on your own tech stack, we will only present three alternatives:

Generating docs

brew install protobuf
brew install protoc-gen-go-grpc